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at the start of the semester:

i'm gonna get a 4.0 gpa

at the end of the semester:

perfection is the disease of a nation...pretty hurts, pretty hurts


Excellent storytelling

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favorite mob movies » Goodfellas (dir. by Martin Scorsese, 1990)

"Come on fuckos, let’s go for a ride."

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This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed…. Bitch.

Tomorrow is Saadia’s birthday

I’m gonna fuck her.


favorite character meme ★ [1/6] quotes

debbie is class president. she’s on the debate team, going to nationals. lip, he’s top of his class. he set the curve. ian was promoted in rotc, and he tested out of english. and carl made something blow up for his science fair. and you know what? they did it all, no thanks to you, because you weren’t here!

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i just realised…

it would’ve been really easy for mrs. incredible to give birth


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Some people are just straight up cunts.







i fucking cant

fucking pugs.

Ok this made my day lol

The first picture,hahahahaha

Yes!!! It’s back!!!

bahahaaha i’m too high for this.. i spent 2 minutes like “woah wtf kind of majestic ox is that”

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